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Frequently Asked Questions:

What factors are used in determining a menu for my event?

There are many things to consider when creating a menu, such as:

The number of guests.

The time of the event.

The venue for the event.

Is there a theme for this event or party? Is it an Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement, Memorial, or Business Meeting?

What is the style of service; Passed, buffet, plated or a combination.?

What is the budget for the event?

We assist you to have an event that is executed beautifully, deliciously and seamlessly from inception to execution.

Can you accommodate food allergies or restricted diets?

Yes, we take food allergies and restricted diets very serious, and we will work with you to accommodate most any restriction. 


Why should I use Michaels’ Catering for my event?

There are several reasons you would want to use Michaels’ Catering:

Ease-  Michaels’ takes care of everything from Shopping for food, spices &  herbs to cleaning up the mess the guests leave behind and everything in between.  You won’t need to lift a finger when Michaels’ Caters; they handle everything.

Peace of Mind-  With 35 years of experience, you can relax knowing that your event will be produced to the utmost precision from inception to execution. Your guests will receive world-class service and Michaels’ will elevate your event to the next level.

Personalization-  Michaels’ will customize and tailor all aspects of your event especially for you and your guests so your affair will be unique, special and memorable.

Time- No need for all that shopping, preparation, cooking, baking, set-up or clean-up–Michaels’ will take care of all of that so that you can spend your time enjoying your guests.

Cost- If you were to purchase the same quality and quantity of food, you’d spend approximately the same if not more–but your time investment is minimal, so you will come out way ahead when you use Michaels’ Catering!


Does Michaels’ Catering have any recommendations of Venues for my event?

Yes, if you are looking for a location for your next event, consider one of the following:

Alice Campbell Alumni Center

Alto Vineyards

City Center

Champaign Public Library

Champaign Park District

Crystal Lake Boathouse

Frasca Field

The Glass House

Hudson Farms

Lake of the Woods

Orpheum Theater

Riggs Beer Company

Urbana Library

Urbana Park District

Virginia Theater

Stephen’s Family YMCA


Does Michaels’ Catering have any involvement in the Champaign-Urbana community?

Yes, Michaels’ cares about our community and the people within it.  We have worked with many charitable organizations including but not limited to:

Champaign Park District

Champaign and Urbana High Schools

Cunningham Children’s Home

Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

Japan House

Junior Women’s Club

Krannert Art Museum

Krannert Center for Performing Arts

Larkin’s Place


St. Thomas More High School

Sinai Temple

Station Theater

Stephen’s Family YMCA

Urbana Lodge 70

Urbana Police Association


Has Whitney or Stephen (the owners of Michaels’ Catering) ever served any famous people or notable guests?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Whitney and Stephen have served:

Dick Van Dyke – Actor & Singer

Nick Offerman – Actor & Comedian

Oprah Winfrey – Television Personality, Actress, Philanthropist

Sarah Ferguson – The Duchess of York

Sonia Sotomayer – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

John Boehner – Former U.S. Speaker of the House

Suzuki Inomoto – Famous Japanese Chef

Steven Cook – Restaurateur, Cookbook Author and James Beard Winner Recipient

Michael Solomonov –  Restaurateur, Cookbook Author and James Beard Winner Recipient

Captain Kangaroo from the Captain Kangaroo television program –  Actor

Arnold Beckman – Founder of Beckman Instruments, Chemist, Inventor, Investor and Philanthropist

Alice Campbell – Philanthropist

Shahid Khan – Business Tycoon, Flex-N-Gate CEO, and Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Countless University of Illinois Presidents, Chancellors and Deans

Several of Champaign’s, Urbana’s and Savoy’s Mayor


Allow us to make your event or occasion extra special, call and book Michaels’ today!  217-351-2500